We Let Them Go

To my mind the worst thing that a human being can do is harm a child
It is like planting a seed of shadows in their constitution
Which is their innocence and their light
And the only thing that you can do is concentrate on that seed
And watch it grow
Because it was planted there by someone that you know
Someone who spent time with you when you were alone
Some one who got close

Could have been a favourite high school teacher
Maybe a hockey coach or Boy Scout leader
Of course it could have been a priest
It could have been a preacher

If you are a pastor and you work in a school for the deaf
And the hearing impaired children are the ones that you consistently molest
Their classmates will never hear them scream

Look at the Cornwall Inquiry
Cops Lawyers Judges and Priests
They smuggled children in from the third world and sold them
Into slavery child prostitution and child pornography

At the trial
The Judge kept everything a secret
All names were redacted
There was a publication ban
And a judicial order not to disclose

We covered it all up and we let them go
It is not organized crime it is organized evil
A Conspiracy of Shame that goes all the way up to the Pope

Down in the Islands
In the places where I know
Where the mountains are green all the way to the top
And the bees place their hives in the volcanic rock
And they will pollinate all of the plantations you’ve got
Where there is cool spring water when the sun is hot

In paradise
Where life flourishes
If you harm a child
The elders will come to your house and ask you one question


If guiltiness rests on your conscience it is something that you cannot hide
There is no excuse and their is no lie
They will tell you it is time to go
And when you step outside
You will see the face of everybody you have ever known in your life
They are going to look you in the eye for the very last time

In silence we will walk you down to the seaside
We gonna put you in a little boat
We gonna take you for a little ride
When the water is smooth like glass
Before the waxing moon tide or the warm sunrise causes the waves to come alive
We slit the throat of a chicken and we drag it along side to make a blood trail
And the sharks will come
Without fail

We’ll carve a sigma and a chi in your chest
We’ll put the rope around your neck
And out of respect
We’ll recite a prayer – Matthew 18:10
For anyone who should offend the little ones who believeth in me
It is better for them that a millstone be placed about their neck
And they were drowned at the bottom of the sea

Might sound like a perverse interpretation of some scriptures that are supposed to be sacred
I don’t know if you can find justice and peace fighting hatred with hatred
More disgusting than that
Is the legislation of my nation
Because in Canada if you get charged with child molestation
You’re probably a cop or a lawyer or a judge or a priest
Or a high school teacher or a hockey coach or a boy scout leader
And because 92.5 % of them are rich white men
We don’t burn them at the stake
We don’t stone them to death
We won’t go get a rope
We cover it all up
And we let them go

It’s not organized crime
It is organized evil
A Conspiracy of Shame*
That goes all the way up to the Pope

*The phrase “Conspiracy of Shame” is the title of a poem written by Rusty Priske.

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What Do You Know About Love?

she looked at me

she looked into me

she put a pause button on the entire universe and she looked right through me

what do you know about love

what do i know about love

i closed my eyes i turned my face away

what do i know about love

what could i possibly say

didn’t you and i just finish making love

didn’t you and i naturally unify our bodies together beautifully

with skin slapping together like a symphony

out of a desire that has existed for years mutually

flirtations have existed opportunistically like

i’m sitting on a bench in a park writing a poem

you are sitting on a blanket reading a book under a tree

you catch me shooting glances at you

and i catch you shooting glances at me

and you catch me shooting smiles at you

and i catch you shooting smiles at me

our eyes meet

you smile i smile

i stand to approach

you gather your things and you quickly walk away

the very next day

i’m chilling in the club with my homies

you come up to me you stand in my space

you look in my eyes you smile at my face you say nothing

and then you quickly walk away

do you have any idea how much i fell in love with you

every single one of those moments

on every single one of those days

and you are asking me this most dangerous question in my bed of all places where you lay

glowing and glistening like a goddess displayed

what do i know about love

well obviously not enough

not nearly enough not nearly enough

in other parts of the world

there are different modes for love

different concepts for love

different constructs for love

different notions for love

and even though the french and italian languages are known as romance languages

in arabic

there are over 100 different words for love

over 100 different words for love

so what do i really know about love

not enough

not nearly enough not nearly enough

the youraba the ibo the myan the anka the cherokee the arawak the blackfoot the hindu

all of those people who memorized their tribal lore

they had thousands of words for love

thousands of words for love

thousands upon thousands upon thousands of words for love

so what do i really know about love

not enough

not nearly enough not nearly enough

in other parts of the world whether it is

north america south america the european or asian or african nations

a little boy

a little boy

he will rise with the sun

he will pick up a gun

he will go out into the world and do what has to be done

so he can make money

so he can buy food

to feed his family because

he loves them

and he has no other options

so what am i supposed to say to him

i get down on my hands and knees and meditate and pray for them

i hope that god and love can come and rescue them

but i’ve never done what he’s done

i never carried no gun

not for love not for money not for any one

so what do i really really really know about love

she looked at me

she looked into me

she put a pause button on the entire universe and she looked right through me

what do you know

about love

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Monday Night Scribes on CHUO 89.1 FM – June 13, 2010

Monday Night Scribes is a 1 hour broadcast on CHUO 89.1 FM, dedicated to writers reciters MCs and poets.

In house guest for June 13, 2010 is Graeme Loh El O’Farrell.

Graeme is a poet, spoken word artist, musician, and host of EzraPoundLives on Youtube.


  1. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings – I Learned the Hard Way – The Game Gets Old
  2. Graeme Loh El O’Farrell – Live in CHUO – Sparks Street Minstrel
  3. Hyfidelik – From Anger With Love – Gypsy Sand
  4. Graeme Loh El O’Farrell – Live in CHUO – I Am
  5. Chris Tse – An Ode to My Afro – I’m Sorry I’m a Christian
  6. Graeme Loh El O’Farrell – Live in CHUO – The Day of the Dead
  7. D-Lightful – Struggles of a Sister – I Should Be Running
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brothers sisters friends and poets
i need your help
actually i implore you

every series and every poet is in danger
we are under siege

we are under attack
ottawa poetry has been infected with whackness

whackness is to stupidity
what obesity is to fatness
what suicide is to sadness
what evil is to badness

whackness is worse than any disease any any disorder any infection parasite or virus
like herpes simplex two – whackness is an infected kiss
it gets passed from lips to lips from whack mouths talking whack shit
the whackness gets worse as you get more intimate
like gonorrhoea venereal warts and syphilis
diseases that you may get if you are a sodomist – but not a condomist

whackness gets passed on from generation to generation
like foetal alcohol syndrome
it is passed on from bad habits through the fallopian tube to the baby in the womb
infused into unborn in the state of gestation
if you have a genetic disposition to whackness you cannot escape this
if you look very closely you can see it in some peoples faces
you were whack before you were born

whackness affects certain faculties of the brain
whackness causes insomniacs to never sleep again
you think you are daydreaming but you are really sleepwalking
part of your brain is gone so you are constantly lost on planet earth
eternally walking like a zombie under the influence of whackness
even though you have a 3g cell phone with a gps map compass and atlas
and monthly you pay for it
but when was the last time you spent good money on your kids

dead beat dads create whackness with their absence
single white moms try to raise beautiful brown babies
in absentia of anything african
whackness to blacks is worse than hypnosis
it causes beautiful brown skin babies to become negro phobic
and the emotional weight of this
has unbalanced the planet
and has us wobbling off our axis
how do we stop the spreading of this self loathing

whackness is k’naan and coca cola
he said they put you in a room and throw rocks at your soul
whackness is universal
whackness is going global
whackness is a toxic environmental disaster worse than BP oil

whackness causes facebook political slacktivists
to go from solidarity anarchists to pacifist activist
afraid to voice their politics or act on it
don’t want to be
an associate of the bald heads in the glebe
who got the bank lit with incendiary accelerant and military tactics
and then they youtubed it
probably the cops that did it
or some misguided kids form the umi cafe did it

wait a minute
wait a minute

the journalists are reporting on rumours and speculating on gossip
the media has been highjacked by jackals and propagandists
orwellian clowns brainwashing us with their whackness

willingly participating in the false flag fallacy of a fraudulent and
manufactured mind manipulation of mass madness
is whackness

after whackness comes fuckery
when you pass on your whackness to other people deliberately

so brothers sisters friends poets
if the symptoms of whackness in me start to show

i am not immune
whackness can only be cured with heavy doses of reasoning and truth
so have an intervention if you have to

because friends
every series every poet is in danger
we are under siege
we are under attack
ottawa has been infected with whackness

First performed at Capital Slam Finals, June 2010.

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