brothers sisters friends and poets
i need your help
actually i implore you

every series and every poet is in danger
we are under siege

we are under attack
ottawa poetry has been infected with whackness

whackness is to stupidity
what obesity is to fatness
what suicide is to sadness
what evil is to badness

whackness is worse than any disease any any disorder any infection parasite or virus
like herpes simplex two – whackness is an infected kiss
it gets passed from lips to lips from whack mouths talking whack shit
the whackness gets worse as you get more intimate
like gonorrhoea venereal warts and syphilis
diseases that you may get if you are a sodomist – but not a condomist

whackness gets passed on from generation to generation
like foetal alcohol syndrome
it is passed on from bad habits through the fallopian tube to the baby in the womb
infused into unborn in the state of gestation
if you have a genetic disposition to whackness you cannot escape this
if you look very closely you can see it in some peoples faces
you were whack before you were born

whackness affects certain faculties of the brain
whackness causes insomniacs to never sleep again
you think you are daydreaming but you are really sleepwalking
part of your brain is gone so you are constantly lost on planet earth
eternally walking like a zombie under the influence of whackness
even though you have a 3g cell phone with a gps map compass and atlas
and monthly you pay for it
but when was the last time you spent good money on your kids

dead beat dads create whackness with their absence
single white moms try to raise beautiful brown babies
in absentia of anything african
whackness to blacks is worse than hypnosis
it causes beautiful brown skin babies to become negro phobic
and the emotional weight of this
has unbalanced the planet
and has us wobbling off our axis
how do we stop the spreading of this self loathing

whackness is k’naan and coca cola
he said they put you in a room and throw rocks at your soul
whackness is universal
whackness is going global
whackness is a toxic environmental disaster worse than BP oil

whackness causes facebook political slacktivists
to go from solidarity anarchists to pacifist activist
afraid to voice their politics or act on it
don’t want to be
an associate of the bald heads in the glebe
who got the bank lit with incendiary accelerant and military tactics
and then they youtubed it
probably the cops that did it
or some misguided kids form the umi cafe did it

wait a minute
wait a minute

the journalists are reporting on rumours and speculating on gossip
the media has been highjacked by jackals and propagandists
orwellian clowns brainwashing us with their whackness

willingly participating in the false flag fallacy of a fraudulent and
manufactured mind manipulation of mass madness
is whackness

after whackness comes fuckery
when you pass on your whackness to other people deliberately

so brothers sisters friends poets
if the symptoms of whackness in me start to show

i am not immune
whackness can only be cured with heavy doses of reasoning and truth
so have an intervention if you have to

because friends
every series every poet is in danger
we are under siege
we are under attack
ottawa has been infected with whackness

First performed at Capital Slam Finals, June 2010.

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4 Responses to Whackness

  1. Travis says:

    John! Awesome stuff. Glad to be the first to comment here!

    Still getting my page up and running. Went through my old poetry and…*shudders*. I am now motivated to get back at it! I’d love to hear your opinion once I get posting.


  2. rpriske says:

    Don’t call him John Whackpata!

  3. Danielle says:

    Haha!! I’ve experienced some whackness myself

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